Intensive Makeup Course
Simply amazing , great tutor. No complaints
One word, Amazing ! great tutor great company
Awesome, informative course and very professional. Nothing to add, keep it up.
I have seen many makeup work done by students attending other makeup schools, Jean Pillow and Biocare you are the Best ! Good explantion and gave me courage to make it till the end of the course.
Best academy for Professional makeup course on the island. Excellent explanation by Jean Pillow.
Very well explained and couldn't be better.The tutor helps us to do our best.
Excellent explanation and tutor was the best. Best exxperience.
Very well experienced tutor and very helpful to any questions.
I am very satisfied with the course and the tutor was very good at teaching the subject
It was really great working with Claire and getting to know her, her teaching was great,very valuable indeed and also fun. Being a male in this business is not easy especially since i wasnt familiar with make up at all...but with Claire's help i found out i could do it all...I had it hidden in me,but i couldn't discover this asset unless i had Claire as a tutor!! The healed result of my mother's eyebrows is incredible, its so natural....its the greatest satisfaction seeing people who DID NOT beleive in me getting a slap in the face just by looking at my work. Claire honestly i apreciate your support and teaching it was fundamental and I could not have succeeded without this course and im really glad i chose Biocare Academy. Thanks a million, Jean the tattoo artist/ semi permanent technician!!
I am very happy that I formed part of Biocare Academy. Everyone there is very friendly, helpful and supportive. Jean our teacher is a wonderful person. Thanks for everything!
It was a great experience at Biocare Academy. The tutors at Biocare have great skills and make the lessons fun and interesting. Lessons were never boring!
Customer Care at Biocare was and still is excellent. The members of the staff are a real pleasure to work with. Great Experience!
The customer care and service at Biocare Academy is excellent. The staff are a great help and the monitoring was perfect.
It was a good experience, where i learnt a lot. I look forward to take up a new course with Biocare Academy.
It was a great learning experience!
It was a great experience. Learned new things. You all were very helpful. I had fun coming here. Thanks
This was an amazing journey, never in a million years have I ever thought that Biocare would give us so much opportunities in the makeup world. From TV sets to fashion shows we had all opportunities. Learned so much in a very modern ambience, from a professional tutors. Well done Biocare.
Very professional, and a very nice experience I had for those last eight months attending and learning at Biocare. Keep it up! and well done also for the friendly staff always ready to help
It was a nice experience. Biocare gave us a very nice experience and I learned a lot from it
I look forward to each and every lesson, I learnt very professional techniques and how to deal with clients and give them a very good service! The teacher is very experienced and she always goes an extra mile to help us improve our makeup. All Biocare staff are very helpful and friendly. The environment is welcoming and fully equipped with all materials. An unforgettable experience and worth it!
My experience through out the whole course was a positive one. I recommend to others to take courses at Biocare academy. I consider the course very value for money.
My experience as a Biocare Academy student as amazing. I learnt a lot of new things, apart from the make up course. I met amazing new people aswell. Thanks to everyone and to the great team at Biocare.
Very interesting and exciting course. The lessons are both fun and knowledgable. Fantastic experience I would definately take the next course at Biocare,
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